“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” — Proverbs 22:6

Mission Statement

The mission of Laurens First Baptist Church Kindergarten is to provide a Christian environment that focuses on the developmental progress of each unique child and encourages discovery in a classroom rich with play, language, math and science concepts.

Curriculum Goals

We strive to help each child grow spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally in a caring Christian environment.  Teachers use a variety of resources for lesson planning that are designed to be appropriate for the age level being taught.  Children are encouraged to interact with the classroom environment through home living, blocks, art, music, language, math, science and manipulatives. Our staff works hard to make sure that the foundations are in place to give children skills needed as more challenging and difficult work presents itself. Specific goals for each age are included with registration forms.


Meet the Staff

Front Row, Left to Right:  Keri Tumblin, 3K Teacher; Mary Pat Wasson, 4K & PE Teacher; Kristy Rinaca, 4K Assistant; Marianne Allmond, MMO & 2K.
Back Row, Left to Right:  Kate Orcutt, 3K Assistant & Finance; Noel Spencer, 3K & 4K Assistant; Joyce Chadwick, 3K & 4K Teacher; Mary Beth Kennedy, MMO, 2K & Music Teacher; Elizabeth Franklin, Interim Kindergarten Director

2016-2017 Kindergarten Registration Begins February 1st!


Registration Information
2016-2017 Calendar
2016-2017 Handbook
2016-2017 Brochure




Calendar 2015-16

Chapel is lead by the ministerial staff and includes Bible lessons and music that relate to everyday life and help the children in their spiritual growth.

Music classes help children learn about rhythm, beat, instruments, and music basics through a variety of songs including ones that go with our monthly Bible verses.

Physical Education classes focus on large motor skills, balance and coordination through fun.  Children like to move and need to move!

Dates to Remember

Jan 1 – January Tuition Due by the 10th
Jan 6 – Students return to school
Jan 13 – Fire Drill
Jan 18 – No School (MLK, Jr. Day)
Feb 1 – February Tuition Due by the 10th
Feb 1 – 2016-2017 Registration begins! Please contact Elizabeth Franklin at 984-7500 to register or check back on our website for Registration Information!
Feb 3 – Fire Drill
Feb 12 – Make-Up Day for school closing on October 5th
Feb 15 – No School
Mar 1 – March Tuition Due by the 10th
Mar 2 – Fire Drill
Mar 15 – Deadline to request 2015 Tuition Tax Statements
Mar 17 – FBCK Spring Music & Art Program at 6pm
Mar 25 – Make-Up Day for school closing Jan. 22
Mar 28 – No School or Make-Up Day
Apr 1 – April Tuition Due by the 10th
Apr 4 – 8 – Spring Break
Apr 13 – Fire Drill
May 1 – May Tuition Due by the 10th
May 4 – Fire Drill
May 20 – Last Day of School


*Mondays — Chapel
*Wednesdays — Music
*Fridays —PE (Don’t forget tennis shoes!)