Current Series

First Baptist Worship June, July, and August 2015

Summer Travels: Developing a Faith for the Road Ahead

 June 7: The Wilderness: Taking A Summer Road trip, Exodus 13:7-22

June 14: Haran: Ready for an Adventure, Genesis 12:1-9

June 21: Egypt: The Return of Our Past, Genesis 44:18-34

June 28: Tarshish: To The Far Ends of The Earth, Jonah 1:1-3

July 5: The Roman Empire: God & Caesar, Matthew 22:15-22

July 12: The Decapolis: Going On Stay-Cation, Mark 5:18-20

July 19: Bethesda: Refusing to Move, John 5:1-9

July 26: Carl Tolbert, Preaching

August 2: Thessalonica: Walking Door to Door, I Thessalonians 2:9-12

August 9: The New Jerusalem: Seeing the Present & The Future, Revelation 21:1-4