Join Us for Bible Study!

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Join Us for Bible Study!

Winter Sunday Evening Adult Studies

Beginning January 12, we will be offering two studies on Sunday Evenings for Adults.  We encourage you to join us for one of the small group, informal opportunities for study and growth.  Both studies will begin at 6pm.  One is for all adults and the other is designed for men.  The two studies are…

A Man and His Traps
This will be our second Men’s Study at FBC and is designed to help men avoid or escape the destruction that falling into common manhood traps can bring.  The cost is $10 which covers your workbook.  Tommy Cox will facilitate the discussion in the Conference Room.
A Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster
This Christian classic is a practical guide to basic spiritual disciplines that any growing person of faith can benefit from cultivating and adding to their life such as prayer, silence, reading the scripture, service and living simply.  All of these as well as the other disciplines to be discussed are great aspects of the spiritual life to consider as we being a new year.  The study will be led by Phillip Dean, David Corley, John Topping and Rickey Letson.  The group will meet in Bobo Hall. Cost of the book is $18.

Winter Wednesday Adult Studies

Beginning January 15, we will be offering two studies on Wednesday Evenings for Adults.  They will take place in conjunction with our normal children and youth opportunities from 6-6:50pm and are open to any adults who would like to participate.  The two options are…

I Corinthians – Overcoming a Distracted Faith
One of the most dysfunctional churches in the New Testament was the church at Corinth.  The young congregation there struggled to live obediently as a result of numerous issues that continuously consumed their time and energies.  At the same time, Paul’s letter to the Corinthians remains valuable to us because many of the same issues and concerns that distracted them hamper our own efforts as believers.  Rickey will lead this study in the FLC.
The 4:8 Principle by Tommy Newberry
This study is based on Philippians 4:8 where the apostle Paul challenges us to seek out and dwell on the positives in our lives.  Using this verse as a filter is the true secret of vibrant health, satisfying relationships and lasting fulfillment.  Tommy Cox will lead this study in Bobo Hall.  The cost for the book is $5.