As you will remember, we postponed Deacon elections in the spring due to the pandemic. At our October meeting, the Deacons’ voted to use the month of November to receive Deacon nominations and they have also set our Deacon election for Sunday, December 13th during both morning worship services. Our Constitution and By-Laws require that you be present to vote. However, you may nominate someone to be a Deacon by stopping by the church office, emailing Tana Adams in the office or by calling. A list of those eligible to be nominated as well as a box to place your nominations can be found outside of Lucy’s office beginning November 1.

Also on December 13th, our Deacons will propose two changes to the Constitution and By-Laws related to both our Deacon elections and other matters of church business. First, the Deacons will recommend that Deacons serve January through December rather than September through October as is our current practice. If this change is approved, yearly nominations would take place in September and elections would be held in October.

Second, our Deacons will also propose that we change the Constitution and By-Laws by adding a provision that would allow the Deacons the latitude to occasionally conduct church business with absentee ballots included in the process. Currently, all FBC business must be conducted in person. But, due the pandemic, we realize that there may be times when we need to allow people to participate in other ways. This provision would allow for absentee participation to be a possibility. Again, both of this proposals will be presented on December 13th for the congregation’s approval.