One of the key factors that makes for successful capital campaigns is for some members to make early campaign commitments that can be totaled and shared with the rest of the congregation before they make their commitments.

Advance commitments provide momentum, encouragement, excitement and an assurance of success. Advance commitments demonstrate generosity in action. Advance commitments should total from 50% to 65% of our campaign goal. When added up and shared, advance commitments increase the likelihood that the congregation will commit the remainder of the campaign goal.

If you are interested in participating in the advance commitment phase of our campaign, please contact Claire Pratt by January 29 at 984-7500 and she will send you additional information.


All of us are asked to make our own giving decisions and to do so prayerfully, thoughtfully and cheerfully. These kinds of decisions are best made over a period of time rather than instantly at one time. So, how to proceed? The following is a guide to making your or your family’s giving decision.

PRAY: Seek God’s leadership in determining the specific amount God would have you give. Pray individually and with your family, or a close friend.

DISCUSS: With your family or a friend, talk about your prayer experiences regarding your gift. How much is God leading you to give? How can you give that amount?

PRIORITIZE: Evaluate all the ways you invest your financial resources. What priority should your church and its ministry have at this time? How does your gift represent sacrifice for you and your family?

COMMIT: Trust God to sustain you in your giving decision, just as you trusted God to lead you in making this decision. Give the gift amount that has meaning and value for you.