Weekly & Monthly Schedule

Weekly & Monthly Schedule

Weekly Schedule


8:30am  Inside Sunday Worship

9:30am  Sunday School

10:30am  Inside Sunday Worship

Available every Sunday on our website, app, and Facebook page.

11:00am  Sunday Worship on WLBG (860AM)

5:00pm  High School Music/Middle School Bible Study

5:45pm  Youth Snack & Fellowship

6:00pm  Men’s Study

6:15pm  Middle School Music/High School Bible Study



7:00am  Virtual Men’s Group

3:00pm  Senior Adult Sunday School on WLBG Radio 860AM

3:15pm  1st and 2nd Grade Activities



10:00am   Senior Adult Fellowship & Bible Study in the Sanctuary

3:15pm   3rd Grade Activities

4:30pm   4 and 5 Year Old Activities

6:00 pm   Youth Parking Lot Worship

7:00 pm   Virtual Mixed Adult Study



3:15pm  4th & 5th Grade Activities