Updated Prayer Concerns
• Jim Davis – Laurens Memorial, congestive heart failure, hopes to go home soon.
• Francis Feighner – doctors visits ahead for concerns with her lungs
• Linda Dickens – recent stroke, slowly recovering.
• Doctors, nurses, other healthcare providers, leaders in these days. Pray also that a successful treatment option is discovered and made available soon.
• Jimmy & Revonda Reames – Jimmy is at NHC Laurens now and appears to have had a TIA/Light Stroke. Revonda is having some health issues too.
• Keith Blore – had a procedure postponed, will be scheduled at a later time.
• Steve Hobbs – back surgery on May 5th.
• Wayland Sherman – diagnosed with prostate cancer. Initial reports are very hopeful.
• Bryson Davis – recovering from four wheeler accident, now recovering at home.
• Jim & Elaine Sumeral – homebound, continuing to deal with ongoing issues.
• Mike Little – home, has been in the hospital recently after having some dizzy spells.
• Allyson Sherer- continues to do well overall, positive recent doctors’ visits.
• Carolyn Madden – cognitive/physical issues, considering longterm care for her.
• Jane Ivey – Continues to visit with doctors. Hopes to try new treatment soon.
• Bill Ramey – continuing to take treatments.
• Joan Owings – NHC, continues to receive care/treatment.
• Corrie Grether – Hospice is now involved in her care, expected to pass soon.

Giving: Thank you for your continued generosity to FBC through your tithes and offerings. Please continue to be faithful to the best of your ability.

Worship Options: We will continue to post a worship service every Sunday on our website and via the FBC Laurens App. You may also listen to our service on WLBG at 11:05 each Sunday morning.

FBC VBS: Will be delayed until late summer. More details are coming soon but for now please note that VBS will not take place at the planned time of June 14-18.

FBC Deacon Nominations/Elections: Have been postponed until we can be back together in person. Once normal programming resumes new dates will be set for both the nomination and the election process.

Youth Activities Resume Virtually: Our Wednesday & Sunday Evening Youth Activities have resumed. Wednesdays are at 7pm and Sundays begin at 6pm. Please let Haymes Harlan or George Lewis Compton know if you have questions. They may be reached at harlanlaura@ymail.com or glcompton4@gmail.com.

Reflecting Together

Read John 6:22-35

One of my favorite restaurants around town is Senor Garcia’s. I love going there with family and friends to enjoy some great Mexican food. I admit that I have a weakness for the chips and salsa that are served as an appetizer before the meal. Sometimes I will even splurge a little and order cheese salsa as an addition, and I am ashamed to admit that I frequently have to request a second basket of chips.

The problem occurs when, after consuming too much of the appetizer, I find that I have little room left for the main course. As a result, I leave the restaurant full, but not really satisfied.

Our passage today is similar in many ways. It occurs after Jesus first feeds the five thousand and then walks on water. A large crowd is pursuing him, hoping to see another miracle; more specifically, they are striving for more miraculous physical food like they had seen and received at the feeding of the five thousand.

They were not pursuing Him for who He was. They sought Him for what He could give them. They didn’t want Him, only His blessings. They were pursuing the appetizer, not the main course. They sought to be full, not satisfied.

Jesus could see the motivation of their hearts, and He urged them to give the spiritual priority over the physical. He offered them the free gift of spiritual food which is eternal life.

God can also see the motivation of our hearts. He isn’t opposed to blessing people, but He does not want us to only want Him for the things He can provide. He is looking for those who don’t want His blessings without Him.

When we want more of God than we want His blessings, we will receive Him as well as whatever He graciously plans to give us. We are to pursue more of God, not just more from God.

Jesus said “I am the Bread of Life…no one who comes to me will ever be hungry, and no one who believes in me will ever be thirsty again.”

Jesus is our source of life. If we “feed” on Him which means to believe in Him as the Bread of God, we will never go hungry again and thus we will never perish. This eternal life is permanent and secure.

Jesus is the main course.

Consider this:

• Thinking about the people in John 6 who followed Jesus looking for another miracle, what similarities do you see today in the way people follow Jesus?

• What does it mean to pursue more of God and not more from God?

• Read Exodus 16: 1-16. Given the context of this passage, what do you think Jesus meant when He said, “I am the Bread of Life”?

Thank you, Father, for your Son- who is the Bread of Life. Thank you for the gift of eternal life. Teach us each day to seek more of You. In Jesus name, Amen.