Capital Campaign

Campaign Overview

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind.” — Luke 10:27

Heart. Soul. Mind. Strength. We see these words often in our church’s publications or on the church’s website. These words guide us in carrying out our mission. They help us refine who we are and what we will do to advance God’s reign in Laurens and throughout the world. Our mission is to enable and encourage everyone to live in a fully committed relationship with God.

We are ONE FAMILY under God.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” — Luke 10:27

Our relationship with God is wrapped up in our relationships with other people: our family of origin, our current family members, our church friends, neighbors, work colleagues, citizens, and everyone, even if they are not like us. Everyone has been created in God’s image, is God’s child, and is our neighbor. We are ONE FAMILY.

We have ONE MISSION in Christ

Our church has a strong presence in Laurens. We are welcoming new members every month. We are growing in our children’s ministry and our youth ministry. Our church family is learning, being and doing the Jesus way of living. We want to be faithful stewards of this trend. That is why we are entering a capital campaign so that we can better be God’s ONE FAMILY in church, in Laurens and in the world as well as carry out God’s ONE MISSION.

Project Overview

“Go and do likewise.” — Luke 10:37

What Jesus said 2,000 years ago is still true today. Living with one another as ONE FAMILY, we love God as we carry out God’s ONE MISSION. That is the goal of our capital campaign. We will raise money and we will repair and renovate so that more people will know the peace and joy of loving God and welcoming and serving others.

This capital campaign will raise additional giving from you our members. Your outright gifts and three-year pledges of over and above giving will pay for:

One: Four New Youth Classrooms

Our youth ministry is thriving and the church is in need of additional space to continue this good work. We will make use of existing, underutilized space in the racquetball courts in the Family Life Center to create a space for our growing youth membership.

Two: Classroom Renovations in the Education Building

Just as our youth ministry is thriving, our ministries and education efforts are growing across the board. We are in need of modernized classroom space to serve the growing needs of our congregation.

Three: Easterby Chapel Renovations

We will renovate and modernize this space to create a flexible space for small to medium sized group worship and activities, including updated audiovisual equipment and an interior design that will make better use of this space.

Four: Installing a kitchen in the Family Life Center

The Family Life Center has grown to be our primary space for large events such as Wednesday Night Supper, lunches, and receptions. We will create a kitchen in this space to more effectively host these family and church gatherings.

The Cost

These necessary repairs and renovations will cost between $1,610,000 to $2,285,000 according to our architect. We are attempting to raise $1,750,000 in campaign gifts and pledges. We sincerely think that our project costs may be in the lower range and that our financial goal can be met and even exceeded. When the projects are completed, we will have improved facilities for ministry, outreach and our mission activities.

Frequently Asked Questions


“ONE FAMILY | ONE MISSION” is the title of our capital campaign. This campaign is seeking to raise gifts and 3-year commitments that are over and above our regular tithes and offerings.

What Is Included In the Project?

1. New/Dedicated Youth Space
2. Renovated Education Space
3. Renovation of Easterby Chapel
4. New Kitchen for the Family Life Center.

What Will All This Cost?

Our architect estimates that all four projects will cost between $1,610,000 to $2,285,000.

Who Are the Campaign Leaders?

The campaign’s Steering Committee is chaired by Jim Yarbrough. Holly Welch is the Campaign Manager. The following are our steering committee team leaders.

Vicki Shearer – Administrative
Rickie Shearer – Advance Commitment
Nancy Thompson – Children
Josh Black – Communication
Sonja Croker – Gatherings
Meg Turner – Major Event
Betty Lynn Cadle – Spiritual Emphasis
Chris & Brook England – Student

Will My Gift Be Confidential?

Every gift and commitment will be confidential. Once members complete their commitment cards, they will place them in privacy envelopes that will only be opened by the church’s Financial Secretary.

When Will I Make My Commitment?

The congregation will bring their commitment cards to church on Sunday, March 11, which is Commitment Sunday. Those who choose to can make their commitment early by February 11. Contact the church office about Advance Commitments if you would like to commit early.

What If I Have Other Questions?

You may contact any of the campaign’s steering committee members listed above.

Also, please watch for items mailed to your home: Campaign Newsletters and an Invitation to a campaign event on Sunday, March 11.

Why Are We in a Campaign?

We are raising funds to pay for extensive renovation and repair of our church facilities. By raising additional money, we are able to protect our budgeted programs, ministries and mission initiatives. We will also save a tremendous amount of money in interest costs by not borrowing the amounts that we raise.

What Are the Benefits?

When the projects are complete, we will have improved facilities for ministry, outreach and our mission activities.

What Are the Goals Of the Campaign?

As the campaign title suggests, our primary mission is to enable and encourage everyone to live in a fully committed relationship with God. By making the most of our current facilities, and by making responsible use of what God has blessed us with, we’ll ensure that we continue to grow together in our relationship with Christ, and as we lead others into a more fully committed walk with God.

Our financial goal is to raise $1.75 Million or more.

What Will I Be Asked To Do?

You will be asked to pray about your gift and respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading in determining the amount and method of your gift. You may give an outright gift or make a commitment to give over a three-year period, beginning April 1, 2018.

What Types of Gifts Are Given?

Members can choose how best to give the commitment that God has led them to make. Cash is the most common gift. Stocks, mutual fund shares, real estate, life insurance policies and personal property can also be given. The campaign’s gift acceptance policy will apply to all non-cash gifts.

Are We Going To Hear a Lot about Money?

Money is a part of our lives, but only a part. We will consider together the role that God desires to play in our lives, our values and our priorities. We are asked to prayerfully endeavor to give a gift that has value and meaning that is far greater than the amount of money involved.

What Can I Do To Help?

Prayer is the first work we do. Our campaign also has work that requires hands, feet and voices. The more people who volunteer, the lighter the work for everyone. Also, the more involved a congregation becomes in its campaign, the greater the results that are achieved.

If you have not yet been asked to help, contact Holly Welch, Campaign Manager, and she will help you find what works best for you to do.

Guide to Giving

There are several ways to give, and you might consider consulting with a qualified professional about which ways might be best for you. Once you understand that your gift is prompted by your response to God’s love, it seems appropriate to find other ways of giving that will enable you to give more than you would be able to give out of your regular income.

Practice priority budgeting.

Priority budgeting means bringing spending and giving in line with a person’s highest values and priorities. A campaign commitment can reflect how important your faith and church is to you. Priority budgeting may require postponing expenditures and/or reducing expenses.

Redirect present expenditures.

As current obligations expire during the three-year giving period of the capital campaign, it is often feasible to redirect those expenditures to the capital campaign. Ask yourself the question: What reduction in expenses or consumer loans do you see coming that could be redirected to make a larger gift than you might have thought?

Increase giving with increased income.

For people who receive periodic salary increases of bonuses, increasing giving as income increases is an excellent strategy for committing to a multi-year campaign.

Give tangible personal property.

Sometimes we have more than we need. Ask yourself the question: What do I have that I no longer use or need that I could sell and transform into a contribution?

Commit unexpected cash.

Occasionally, unexpected windfalls happen. Ask yourself the question: Have I received money that I didn’t expect that I could commit to the campaign?

Sacrifice your extra time.

“Time is money,” it is said, and some of us have more time than money! Are ther enjoyable and meaningful income-producing opportunities available to you that would enhance your gift?

Give gifts in kind.

Gifts-in-kind consist of materials, equipment, furnishings and professional or licensed services. These gifts are commonly from the businesses or profession of an individual. The Campaign and Church Leadership will review the nature of each such gift.

Give a paid-up life insurance policy.

Life insurance policies that are paid up with no further premiums due can be given. The donor changes the policy to make the church the owner and the beneficiary of the policy.

Make a bequest / Set up a trust.

Sometimes a larger gift can be made from one’s estate. A simple bequest in a simple will accounts for 90% of all estate gifts. When an estate is large and somewhat complicated, then a

Donate appreciated assets.

By transferring appreciated stock owned longer than one year to the church, the donor avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the asset. In addition, the donor receives an income tax charitable deduction for the full market value of the asset of the date of transfer of ownership.


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More Examples of Campaign Gifts

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Commitment Questions & Answers

Commitment Questions & Answers

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Examples of Campaign Gifts

Examples of Campaign Gifts

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What Is My Part?

What Is My Part?

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Advance Commitment Opportunity

Advance Commitment Opportunity

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Campaign Events & Activities

Campaign Events & Activities

February 4, 11, 18, 25    Campaign Sundays with sermons and testimonies February 11    Advance Commitment Lunch after worship service February 25    Announcement of Advance Commitment totals March 11    Major Event with Commitment Worship Service April 1    Beginning...

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