Q. What is the purpose of the commitment cards?
A. Our church is facing a very large financial endeavor. To use our financial resources wisely we must have an accurate indication of our cash flow for the immediate future. Completed commitment cards enable our church leaders to make wise decisions.
Q. When do commitments begin?
A. We are asking everyone to give something of their three-year commitment on First Fruits Sunday, April 1.
Q. I don’t know the future, what if I can’t fulfill my commitment?
A. You are right. None of us know the future. We ask only that you pray and let God lead you to a sacrificial commitment. If your circumstances change, you can revise your commitment accordingly. This is an invitation to faith and commitment.
Q. Will my commitment remain confidential?
A. Yes! As with all church receipts, commitments will be confidential.
Q. How can I know what to commit?
A. The key ingredients of a worthy commitment are prayer, sacrifice, and faith. These are three guideposts that can lead you to the right decision.
Q. When and where will commitments be made?
A. You will receive a commitment card and privacy envelope in the mail, or at the Advance Commitment Lunch. Most members will complete their cards prior to (Major Event title) and the Commitment Service on March 11 and turn them in during the service. The cards can also be mailed to or brought to the church.
Q. How should I give my offerings over the next three years?
A. That is your decision. Many people will give weekly or monthly, and others will give quarterly or annually.
Q. Can I give something other than cash?
A. There can be significant tax benefits to giving property, stocks, bonds, or other appreciated assets. You are encouraged to ask your financial advisor what will be best for you.