The following examples of sacrificial giving come from the campaigns that our consultant Ruben Swint has led through the years.

A couple took the money that they had been saving for a home renovation project and gave it to their church along with making a monthly commitment.

A young couple postponed their purchase of a newer home for three years and committed the extra increase in house payments they would have been making had they bought the home.

A couple decided to give up their vacation to the Bahamas in order to make a larger financial commitment.

A couple had been planning to buy five acres and build their dream house. Through prayer and discussion, they decided to buy two acres, build a smaller house and commit the difference in costs.

A man had just restored a 1957 Chevrolet. After prayerful consideration, he decided to sell it and give the proceeds as a part of his commitment.

A young school boy had a lawn mowing job, from which he tithed his income weekly. He prayed about his commitment and decided to given an additional 10% of his income for his church’s campaign.