God of life,
God of all our becoming
fearful years—
we praise you
for your faithfulness.
When we look back
through all our
through doors closed
through windows opened
through best-laid plans
and worst-kept secrets,
how can we deny your providence and grace
at work in the fabric of our lives?
Even allowing for our great gifts
of rationalization
and special pleading,
how can we look back
and not see
haunting traces of your grace?
Why can we not see that your hand
is present and is moving over things to come?
We ask no road map
no guarantees
no inoculation against human life.
But when we are hurting
and pain floods our vision,
grant us faith to cry our tears.
When we are strong,
grant us faith willing to be surprised.
God of all our becoming, we praise you.

This post originally appeared in Prayers & Litanies for the Christian Season by Sharlande Sledge.

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