Yes! It’s that time again! Children’s choirs and handbells are learning to read music, praise God through music, and understand music fundamentals. They are also learning what God’s word says about praise through music. In scripture, we are invited to come before His presence with singing, praise God with the sounding of the trumpet, harp and lyre, timbrel, strings and pipe. We are also invited to offer to the Lord a new song, praise His name and proclaim His salvation day after day. Therefore this fall, let us sing for joy to the Lord and shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation as we make music to the Lord with the harp, with the harp and the sound of singing! We have fabulous choir teachers who are giving of their time this year to help our children learn these important fundamentals!

Beginning Wednesday, September 7

2-3 Year Old Choir 6:00-6:30
LEADERS: Ashley Bragg and Blakely Prescott

4-5 Year Old Choir 6:00-6:30
LEADERS: Leigh Little and Meg Turner

1st-2nd Grade Choir 6:00-6:30
LEADERS: Bryson Allen and Claire Pratt

3rd-5th Grade Choir 6:00-6:30
LEADERS: Elizabeth Franklin, Adair Rogers and Jennifer Allen

Beginning Wednesday, September 7

Adult Choir 7:00-8:00
LEADER: Adair Rogers

Beginning Sunday, September 25

Youth Handbells 4: I 5-5:00 LEADER: Adair Rogers
Youth Choir 5:00-6:00

Beginning Monday, October 3

Adult Handbells 6:00-7:00
LEADER: Adair Rogers

Beginning Tuesday, October 4

1st-5th Handbells 3:00-4:30
LEADERS: Adair Rogers, Nancy Thompson, Elizabeth Franklin