Psalm 30:1-5

The psalmist has a story to tell all those who have gathered for the dedication of the temple. This story is filled with the elements of an award-winning motion picture: conflict, desperation, deliverance, and celebration. The psalmist, once safe and secure, has come face-to-face with death. In anguish, he calls out to the Lord, who restores his life. Weeping turns into unbridled joy. He stands before the faithful assembly and calls them to join him in giving thanks and singing praise to their Lord.

While this is seemingly a personal account of a near-death experience and a testimony of thanksgiving to the Lord, this is not the psalmist’s story alone. Psalm 30 reflects the biblical story of God’s relationship with Israel. Furthermore, it reflects the relationship that we, the “faithful ones” of today, have with our Lord. 

We too experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows as we seek to follow the Lord. Try as we may to avoid them, we often make decisions that lead us away from God. Though we stray from the way of righteousness, we know that even in our faithlessness, our God will never abandon us. Time and time again we receive undeserved grace when we cry out in repentance to our ever-loving God. We experience what the psalmist knew intimately: Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning (v. 5).

For all of this and more, let us follow the psalmist’s example, stand together as those who have fallen short of God’s glory, and give thanks and sing praises to our Lord!


When has God delivered you from trouble? How do you give thanks and praise God for your deliverance?


God, grant me forgiveness for the ways I have sinned against you and deliver me from my despair. Redeem my soul and I will give thanks and sing your praises forevermore. Amen.

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