Psalm 26:1-8

Walk in faithfulness (v. 3).

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of living faithfully is the reality that bad things happen. No matter how many good deeds we do, our actions don’t shield us from tragedy, bad luck, or poor timing. Acknowledging that fact, but choosing to have faith anyway, is difficult. 

Our psalmist, who seems to be in the midst of suffering, begs for relief. Oftentimes when we’re experiencing anguish or distress, we try to use our good deeds as bargaining chips. It’s almost like offering a bribe to the Almighty, reminding God of how faithful we have been.

Isn’t it ironic to remind the all-knowing Creator of the Universe of all the good we’ve done? But we do it anyway, hoping this will sway God to help us out. Maybe sometimes we say our litany of good deeds to convince ourselves that we’re indeed worthy of being saved. 

But part of walking in faithfulness is having the benefit of the doubt and remembering that God is not a vending machine. Part of being faithful is not using good deeds as an exchange for divine intervention.

The bargaining we use as an attempt to get what we desire goes against the very idea of what faith is. God’s love doesn’t require a good report card. Faithfulness requires trust: trust that God hears our prayers, trust that God suffers with us when we suffer, and trust that God loves us. 


How can you be more faithful in your walk with God today?


Faithful, loving God, help me put worry aside and trust that you are working in my life. Amen.

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