Luke 16:10-13

“It’s only $20,” said Vicky’s mom, years ago, holding up a thick book full of coupons for restaurants and businesses a couple of towns over. “It’s our big PTA fundraiser and Vicky’s so excited! The more kids sell, the better the prizes. She’s got her eye on a bike!”

I didn’t want to buy it. The restaurants in it weren’t local, and I already had another unused coupon book in my kitchen drawer. “I’m sorry,” I said, and gave my excuses. 

“But some of the restaurants are chains near you—they’d probably take the coupons too.”

I should have expected her persistence. Though their family’s life seemed to go from one disaster to the next, Vicky’s mom always fought hard. They faced challenges in housing, health, work, and marriage, in addition to making ends meet. 

“Ugh,” I told my husband later. “If I bought something from every child in my ministry, I’d have no salary left.”

Todd looked at me.

“They’re $20 each,” I said. “It’s not like a $5 candy bar.”

“I guess she just wants her child to be able to raise money for her school like everybody else,” he said.

I called Vicky back and bought the book. 

Today’s passage reminds us that our lives are a series of ordinary, small opportunities to live God’s way or not. Our decisions to follow God may not make sense to the world—or even to us. They may cost us something. But as we follow, even in the small things, we stay faithful.


Is there a decision awaiting you in which you must choose to follow either God’s way or your own interest? 


Dear Lord, help me have the courage to be honest with myself and with you as I make financial decisions. Help me remember that you are the source of all good things. Amen.

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