Isaiah 40:27-31

Waiting on anyone, including God, does not come naturally to me.

When someone keeps me waiting, I start to fidget. I jiggle my right foot, tap out tunes with my fingers, squirm in my chair, or pace the room. I wear myself out. Sometimes I grow so weary while waiting that I have little energy left to expend when they show up.

I remember times in my life when I thought I saw clearly where I needed to go to serve God. I waited for God to show up, take me in tow, and deliver me to my desired location. I wore myself out spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes physically. I was a bit miffed when God failed to appear. Didn’t God know I was just the right person for the job? Had God lost sight of my path through life?

Of course, I was tempted to stop waiting on God and take matters into my own hands? But when I did so, nothing worked out. Frankly, I became discouraged and tired. I took a hard look at myself and decided I needed to back off and learn to wait on God.

Eventually, God opened a way into a ministry I never envisioned. In fact, I would never have sought out that ministry if left to my own devices. Much to my surprise, though, God filled me with a desire to take on the task, providing energy to do the work.

I learned, albeit slowly, that Isaiah was right when he wrote those who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength (v. 31).


Can you name a time when you pushed hard toward a future you envisioned for yourself? Have you ever waited, instead, for God to lead you? Compare your experiences.


Lord, help me to embrace the discipline and promise of waiting on you. Amen.

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