2 Peter 3:11-18

How we wait may be as important as what we are waiting for. 

We wait for holidays, weddings, and births. We wait for acceptance letters from the college of our dreams, phone calls telling us the sale went through, and emails letting us know we got the job. We wait for lab results and a surgeon’s update. We wait for children to drive home safely and for what hopefully will be the start of a better day. Sometimes, we wait with a loved one for a final word, a final smile, a final breath. 

While the early Christians are waiting for better days, whether for a lesser-of-two-evils leader or the fiery return of their Lord, Peter encourages them to strive to be found by him at peace (v. 14). The apostle knows that, in seasons of waiting, we can lose focus and stability.

The beloved community to whom he writes is not alone or unique in its struggle. Neither are we. Peter reminds all his readers that Paul, his partner in faith, understands this struggle as well. 

Waiting is hard, but peace is an authentic reality. Patience will ground us. Grace will sustain us. And prayer will remind us that there is One who listens and cares. 

Through laughter and tears, joys and sorrows, Advent graces us in our waiting with incarnational truth. 

We are never, ever alone.


How well do I wait?


God of our future and our past, in our looking back and our looking ahead, help us remember that we will never be alone. Amen.

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