Psalm 34:1-10

Imagine these words parting David’s lips early one morning. Clearly, David realizes that he has a choice to make. How is he going to enter into this new day? Will he participate in the corrosive cynicism around him? Will he stay mired in resentment? Will he summon his personal willpower and take the path of self-reliance?

David rejects these options one by one and chooses a different path. Memories of his experiences with the Lord flood his mind. He thinks about the lions and bears he defeated. He sees the faces of the enemies from whom he narrowly escaped.

David opens his mouth. His heart is hunting for words to express his devotion to God: I will bless the LORD at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth (v. 1). In one sentence, David sets his direction for the day. He establishes true north for his life. His time frame (at all times…continually) suggests that these words are more than tasks to be checked off on a daily calendar. David is making a covenant with God. David is articulating a way of life, promising “I will bless the Lord” and “God’s praise shall continually be in my mouth.”

When we bless people, we speak words of encouragement and affirmation over them and to them. When we bless God, we put the accent on God’s greatness, God’s ability and image. When we bless and praise God at all times, we open up every arena of our life as an offering to God. Through our integrity at work, we bless God. Through love and kindness in our familial relationships, we bless God. Through the joy of feasting together and tending to our own souls, we bless God.


How will you bless God today?


Dear God, I make this day an offering to you. Amen.

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