John 4:39-42

The Samaritan woman’s testimony travels throughout the city: “Come see a man who knows all about me.” That is good news on many levels. As the frequent subject of the rumor mill, she goes to the well alone in the heat of the day because she would rather endure the unpleasant rays than unwanted attention. Now, she not only testifies that Jesus changed her life, she demonstrates that change by confidently engaging with her community to tell about it. 

Jesus meets her on her turf. He not only sits with her at the lonely well she knows, he chooses to be seen with her. This Jewish man and Samaritan woman are no doubt an odd couple. They gather an audience that invites Jesus to stay with them two more days. The Samaritan woman introduces them to Jesus, creating opportunities for them to have their own first-person experiences with him. 

The woman makes a daring claim: Jesus knows everything that she has ever done and enables her to come clean.

The so-called dirt that her society has on her becomes the opportunity to plant seeds of the gospel in Samaria. Jesus provides living water that nourishes her new life. Look what grows out of an honest conversation with him. The story of the Samaritan woman invites us to draw from deep within ourselves and offer Jesus something more than our superficial exchanges. 

May our testimony also be, “Come see a man who knows all about me!”


What does my testimony say about my relationship with Jesus? 


God, use my story to invite Jesus not only into my heart but into my neighborhood. Amen.

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