Acts 1:1-5

Students in our “Being Baptized” classes have lots of questions: Does
anyone else have a fear of water? Has anything ever gone wrong when
the minister pushed someone under? Do I hold my own nose under-
water or does the preacher do that? Is blowing bubbles to keep the
water out of my nose acceptable? Should I wear water-shoes, flip-
flops, or just go barefoot? Should I bring a hairdryer or have a wet
head through the service?

Logistics aside, baptism takes courage. And once the big event
ends, we start working on a different set of questions: How will this
commitment change me? How will choosing baptism affect the other
choices I will make? How can I remain focused on God when my
daily life resumes on Monday and things seem so mundane? How do
I know who God wants me to be?

Despite any misgivings we have or questions we struggle with,
we choose to be baptized because it is an important step in the life
of faith.

The book of Acts begins with the news that being baptized with
water is only the beginning. The Spirit we receive in baptism will
continue to guide us. Our questions will grow along with our
experiences as we ponder what the Spirit is asking us to do and
become. But our trust in the One who guides us will grow as well.
Through faith in God’s great love and care, we learn to live out what
our baptisms mean.


What is the Spirit asking of you today? How will you respond?


God, help us to trust in your goodness and love. Give us the courage to follow where your Spirit leads us and to do what you ask of us. Amen.

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