Matthew 26:59-64

Who could have been as calm and in control as Jesus is in this scene? The Gospels make it clear that he is being subjected to unfounded accusations. His “trial” is irregular at best. Its outcome was decided well before the false witnesses tell their lies. We readers know from the beginning how this story will end. He will die in a way intended to cause excruciating physical and cultural pain. In fact, the authorities might have been as concerned with shaming Jesus and his followers as they were with executing him. Jesus does not defend himself to either the Jewish authorities or the Roman procurator. He suffers and dies in relative silence.

Ironically, what Jesus says in this scene strikes a rare triumphant note. The authorities are so worried about stopping him from upsetting the political and religious order that they have missed his ability to overturn the cosmic order. His execution actually restores him to his rightful place: powerful, transcendent, and holy at God’s right hand. 

Lest we judge those in this scene too quickly, we should remember that our limited perspectives also keep us from understanding the complete truth. We find it so easy to focus on the next task, or the loudest problem, that we can miss what God considers valuable. Our faith journey calls us to see the world through God’s perspective.


How can we seek God’s perspective about our lives? How can we listen for God’s voice and follow wherever God’s Spirit leads us?


God, help us to see and hear as you do. Keep us in your grace and mercy. Teach us to love you and each other. Amen.

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