John 3:19-21

The light has come into the world… (v. 19).

The first time my mother ever flew in a plane she traveled from Washington, DC, to Maui, Hawaii to meet her newborn grandson, Evan. Her seven adult children were more than a little nervous about her first flight. But in spite of our concerns, she was determined to make the journey.

When my mom returned from her trip, she relished telling story after story about how much she enjoyed flying, and how she loved the beauty of Hawaii and the time she spent with family. But one story she told will always hold a place in my heart. Her plane flew over the Pacific Ocean at night. She had never experienced utter darkness like that before. When the first light of dawn appeared, its beauty was breathtaking. It was a glorious sight beyond description that left her with an overwhelming sense of God’s presence. 

The Gospel of John reminds us that the Light of the World has come. This light comes for all people. This glorious light breaks forth into our darkness. We have nothing to fear because the darkness will never overtake the light. May an experience of this truth beyond description leave us with an overwhelming sense of God’s presence.


When have you experienced the feeling of utter darkness? When has an experience of light helped you sense God’s presence?


Light of the World, give us the wisdom and grace to follow your way of light and love that will overcome the dark places of our soul. Through Jesus we ask this. Amen.

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