Psalm 89:5-13

On days when our tens of thousands of thoughts are full of confusion, grief, or troubling concerns, our first impulse may be to bypass Psalm 89 and head for a lament. In those chaotic moments, we might long for the psalmist’s empathy instead of proclaiming that all is right with the world because the heavens and the earth are God’s. In hard times, some find confident assurance too optimistic for their pain, too dismissive of their difficult realities.

But when we read the psalmist’s work prayerfully, we discover that it does include us all, whatever our circumstances. In writing, You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them (v. 9), the poet acknowledges the reality of the troubles we face and does not look away from them. Raging seas and stormy waves need God’s attentive presence. God, the psalmist proclaims, does not hide from suffering or deny its existence, but confronts what is difficult. 

In the gospels, Jesus does not overlook the outcast or turn from desperate situations that need careful notice. When raging spirits are destroying the Gerasene man, Jesus casts them out and stills the troubled soul. 

This theme—that our Creator is overcoming the world’s chaos with creative love—offers us a theme we may also embrace. We can live with a faith that knows our own chaotic days are only part of the canvas on which God is continuing to work. 


What is God continuing to create in your life?


God, whatever situations we face today, keep us mindful of the bigger picture, the larger theme you offer us, that you are at work, ordering the world with your love. Amen.

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