Psalm 2:1-6

What a year.

As I write this, 2020 is not even half over and already:

     • COVID-19. Shelter in place. Social distancing. Schools closed.

     • People out of work. Economic upheaval. Masks. No masks.

     • George Floyd. Racism. Protests. Calls for police reform, defunding, abolition. Confederate statues coming down. Civil unrest.

     • Presidential election preparations. Mail-in ballots. Lines at polling places. Louder and louder political rhetoric on every side. Words twisted. Accusations of voter suppression.

Indeed, the nations conspire and the peoples plot and the heart of God is broken (v. 1). 

But wait. That is not all the psalmist says. 

The writer of Psalm 2 declares that God sits in the heavens and laughs in derision. God mocks our arrogance and ridicules our belief that we are in control.

It makes me uncomfortable to think that God might laugh at us, but perhaps that is the psalmist’s intent. It usually takes discomfort to wake us up, to startle us out of complacent assumptions and challenge us to think in new ways. 

No matter what else happened in 2020, we all got very, very uncomfortable.


What comfortable assumptions do we need to challenge in each other and in ourselves?


When you’re laughing at us, God, help us realize that it’s because you know how much better it could be if we would trust in you and your ways. Amen.

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