Psalm 13

How long, O LORD? Will you forget me forever? (v. 1)
“Look on the bright side.” “Count your blessings.” “Cheer up.”

“Think positive.” Psalm 13 is a prayer for those times when trite
words do not help. When the tragedies of life hide God’s face from
you, you don’t need pat answers. It is okay to be grieved, disap-
pointed, angry, and to express those feelings to God. “How long, O
Lord?” we ask.

A couple I know experienced one those terrible moments when God’s face felt hidden. Their ten-month-old baby died suddenly of asphyxiation. The father said, “I wondered, ‘God, where are you?’ But I didn’t know where else to go than to lean on God.” When friends gathered at their home to bring them comfort, he was inconsolable. He walked outside on that cold March day. The ground was as barren as he felt, but he noticed one sprig of Lamb’s Ear that had broken through. He felt God was saying, “Your little lamb is with me and where he is, you will be one day.” He said, “I found some small comfort in those words. God sticks with you even when you don’t stick with God or feel God.”

Psalm 13 is for those who suffer and for whom there are no easy
answers. This psalm is for those who experience cancer, grief, depres-
sion, loneliness, remorse, unrelenting pain, death, anger, dementia;
insert your story here. The psalmist does not hold back the pain and
sorrow from God. This is an honest, desperate plea to a God who
seems far away.

There are times when being told, “just have faith” is not helpful.
There are times when you need to be honest with your feelings, cry
out to a God who loves you, and surround yourself with people
who care.


What makes you wonder, “Where is God?” and “How long, O LORD?”


God, whenever I struggle or suffer, help me to pray honestly. Help me remember the dark days and be thankful you helped me through. Amen.

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