Psalm 50:7-15

Synopsis: I don’t need your sacrifices. The whole world is mine. I am


Reading this, what immediately came to mind was a line from Blazing Saddles (gleefully cribbed from Treasure of the Sierra Madre). The sheriff is deputizing a group of recruits and offers them badges. Their response? “We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.”

I know, I know. Not very spiritual. But what a remarkable point
of view that this psalm takes. I’m God. I don’t have any need for all
these animals you’re bringing for sacrifice. If I’m hungry, I’m not
going to tell you, mortal. I have the whole world as my pantry.

But there are all these commands to offer sacrifices, right? If God
doesn’t need them, who does? Who is the sacrifice for, then?

It’s for us. You. Me. God doesn’t need the sacrifice. It’s for us. So
that we know who God is. “We don’t need any stinkin’ sacrifices,”
we might think. Actually, we do.

What a remarkable and important lesson.
God doesn’t need our gifts. But we need to use them.
God doesn’t need our tithe. We need to share what we have
been given.
God doesn’t need our songs. We need to sing and hear them.
God doesn’t need our devotions. We need to write and read them.
God doesn’t need our prayers. We need to voice them.
God doesn’t need our worship. We need to show up and be in
God doesn’t need our sacrifices. We need to offer them.


Consider how our tithes, worship, prayer, and sacrifices are gifts from God. How does sharing these gifts strengthen our relationship to God?


God, thank you for not needing our sacrifices, but reminding us that we do. Amen.

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