Psalm 89:1-4

Why do we love music so much? Music expresses our emotions in ways that words alone cannot. Sometimes when I can’t find the words to express myself, only music will do.

Praise becomes the way we express our love for God. We sing of God’s goodness. We declare with song, as the psalmist does, that God’s love is forever and that God is faithful.

When God promises David that his family will always rule over Israel, how does David respond? He sings! He proclaims the good news of God’s love, which he knows firsthand. 

He doesn’t have to understand why God makes this promise. He doesn’t have to understand how God will be able to keep it. The psalmist could not have imagined that this promise would lead to Jesus, the Son of God, who comes to live among us, ruling the earth and bringing God’s people into a new covenant with God. The writer doesn’t have to understand it all to sing about the truth that the poet does know and to proclaim the faithfulness of God that the people have experienced.

At times, we find it difficult to sing. In those circumstances we rely on our family of faith to help us. We are meant to sing about God’s faithfulness even in our despair. We are to sing of God’s faithfulness even in our doubt. Doing so strengthens our faith. Our song grows more powerful. By singing we carry God’s light into the world and proclaim truth’s message. God calls us to sing.


What words do you have that need to be sung? What message does God want you to proclaim?


God, take the words of our hearts and help us form a song we can sing. Help us sing about you and the way you faithfully love and save us. Amen.

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