Galatians 6:7-10

My daughter and I love the Disney movie Frozen II, with its great story and terrific songs. We particularly love “The Next Right Thing”:

Take a step, step again 

It is all that I can to do 

The next right thing 

I won’t look too far ahead 

It’s too much for me to take 

But break it down to this next breath, 

This next step, This next choice 

Is one that I can make.

When we’re given multiple options, focus on one step at a time. When faced with insurmountable odds, do the next right thing. 

Taking one right step at a time mirrors Paul’s words to the Galatians. Paul encourages a congregation that is learning how challenging church life can be to not grow weary in doing what is right and to work for the good of all (vv. 9-10). We hear this wisdom, which Paul declared 2000 years ago, amplified today even in popular children’s movies. Its message still matters. Could the Disney lyricists be Galatians fans? 

What would happen if you just focused on doing the next right thing? What if your coworkers, kids, and their friends did too? What would change if your entire church focused on accomplishing the next right thing—along with your city, state, country and world? Think of all the good that could be reaped at harvest time if we didn’t grow weary of doing the next right thing. 


Think about all the choices you made today (or yesterday). How do small, seemingly insignificant decisions add up to create the momentum of love? 


God, who always moves ahead of us, guide us on your path. Enliven us by your presence so we’ll have the energy to do the next right things. Amen.  

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