Exodus 13:1-8

If I had to think of one word to describe my mother, it would be “faithful.” She was devoted to church, to serving others, and to spending time in prayer offering gratitude to God. My mother kept a gratitude journal, recording something she was thankful for every single day. She was hospitable, always hosting others in our home. She prayed often, teaching me to turn to prayer in all situations also. She made us write thank-you cards any time we received a gift and she served in all areas of the church, always being willing to take on a new task. She loved people well, took care of their needs, and walked humbly with her God. Throughout my life, through her words and actions, she taught me the importance of faith.

In today’s Scripture, God tells the Israelites to explain Passover to their children by saying, “I do this because of what the LORD did for me when I came out of Egypt” (v. 8). God knows it’s important for the Israelites to share their faith and their story with the generations that would follow them. Doing this would entwine their faith, their upbringing, their lives, and their hearts.

When my mom died suddenly, my instinct could have been to get angry at God. Instead, I held closely to the God that she loved, that I had come to love because of her. I kept a gratitude journal in those first few weeks like she had so I could remember to be thankful. I wrote thank-you cards to the people who supported me, like she taught me to do. And I tried to love people well and walk humbly even in the midst of my grief. One generation’s faithfulness can teach the next how to experience God.


How are you sharing your faith with someone today?


God, thank you for the people you placed in my life who taught me how to love you. Help me share that same kindness with others. Amen.

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