Exodus 10:21-29

Worship the LORD” (v. 24).

“She was so afraid to fly that when she got on the plane, she only put half her weight down.” Some jokes rely on an absurd idea for their humor. But some people who hear such jokes, including many fearful fliers in this case, will find the idea too silly for the joke to land (pun intended).

Worshiping God with half of our lives is as absurd as leaving half our weight on the ground at take-off. Yet in ways that matter, we often buy into the deceptive premise that this is possible. Maybe we try to leave parts of ourselves at home when we head for church. When we confess our sins during worship, perhaps we search for some limited wrong we did that will take a few seconds to pray about, leaving unaired what’s really messing us up? Do we acknowledge all that we have when we give our offerings? Are we fully present to encounter God’s new vision for us? Can we worship fully if we don’t bring all that we are to the experience?

Pharaoh doesn’t get the joke he’s just told Moses: “Go, worship the LORD. Only your flocks and your herds shall remain behind. Even your children may go with you” (v. 24). God’s people know that authentic worship means bringing all of themselves to God. As Moses tries to explain: “we will not know what to use to worship the LORD until we arrive there” (v. 26). May we too remember what Moses understands. Worship asks us to bring all of our life to God. 


What do I hold back when I worship? What do I need to offer that I haven’t given to God before?


God, create in us a stronger desire to worship. Help us understand that through genuine acts of giving ourselves to you, you give new lives to us. Amen.

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