Psalm 8

How majestic is your name (v. 1).

I’m a thirty-year-old woman without children, but the zoo is one of my favorite places to visit. I’m not a big fan of keeping animals in cages, but I find the zoo to be the one place where I’m sure to see God’s creativity on full display. I love observing the lions, the gorillas, the bird sanctuary, and my very favorite, the elephants. I feel more connected to God’s handiwork when I’m near all of these species. 

In my daily life, my interaction with God’s creation feels so limited and routine. I see an occasional bunny or squirrel, I look up at the sky, or I feel a cool breeze on my face. Even though I live in Denver next to the Rocky Mountains, where the full majesty of God’s handiwork is certainly on display, it’s easy to miss those gifts. When I remember what it’s possible to see, I make the effort to drive into the mountains. There I find mountain goats, elk, falcons, and eagles. If I drive two and a half hours south to Westcliffe, Colorado, I will see the Milky Way in all its breathtaking glory. 

On Sundays we show up in church sanctuaries to worship there, but I’ve always thought that the most magnificent chapels were ones without walls that God created with divine hands. How truly majestic is the Lord who crafted and fashioned all of these creatures and such wondrous backdrops on which creation dwells. 

Whether we are praying indoors or taking our seat outside, the psalmist wants us to see that there is always more of God’s majesty waiting for us to recognize.


What is one way you could stop and notice the divine majesty of God’s creation today?


Creator God, give me new vision to see your wondrous work in the world around me. May my surroundings inspire me to worship your majesty. Amen.

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