Isaiah 55:3-5

What would you do if you were king or queen for a day? I’ve played that fantasy game and proclaimed “when they put me in charge,” I’ll outlaw predatory lending, end robocalls, and imprison human traffickers for life. Those are low-risk promises because, unless my life becomes a Hallmark movie, I won’t be showing up in any royal line. Still, many of us dream of how we would use such power for good.

Isaiah brings the amazing news that you and I have received a royal calling. The covenant that God made with David to be a force for good in the world, God now offers to all God’s people. The Almighty crowns each believer with the authority of a witness. Canned religious messages do not move many, but most will listen to your story about a personal experience of God’s life-changing love. The tidal wave of messages that hit us each day may be numbing, but authentic testimonies from trusted friends can be heard and felt.

God gives each believer the authority of a leader. You may or may not hold any official leadership positions, but you have the power to make positive change through your personal influence. Your voice, your example, and your encouragement can lead people toward God and more abundant living. In what sense do we share David’s calling as commander? Few of us give orders to soldiers, but we do command our gifts, passions, and opportunities. We command our personal army of resources that can accomplish good.

Those who live as David’s heirs, as God’s covenant people, attract others. Living with a God-given sense of purpose will open up new relationships as people that do not know you experience the nobility of a life guided by God’s royal calling (v. 5).


When do I recognize God’s covenant calling upon my life? How am I living as a witness, a leader, and a commander?


King of kings, help me hear your calling upon my life and seek to grow into it. Strengthen and direct me as I strive to do your holy work today. Amen.

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