John 3:4-8

The wind blows where it chooses (v. 8).

I experienced my first hurricane in 2003 while I was living in Virginia. I remember the power going out and sitting in the dark listening to the sound of trees popping as Hurricane Isabel came roaring through. Recalling that frightening time reminds me how the wind is a powerful force that can destroy. But I also know that wind can create. Consider the wind turbines and wind farms that produce clean energy.

Jesus uses this metaphor of the wind to remind Nicodemus that God’s transforming power cannot be controlled or contained by human beings. Being part of God’s Kingdom calls us to let go of self and submit to God’s reign over our lives. God’s spirit is always taking us in new directions if we are open to them.

As we were emerging from the pandemic last year, I visited a church that was still practicing social distancing. They blocked off every other pew with a rope and a sign that read: NO. When you walked down the aisle of the church, you encountered the words no, no, no, no, no, no. I wonder if this is a metaphor for the twenty-first century church. Without realizing it, do we resist the Holy Spirit when it moves us in the direction of change?

The Spirit moves where it chooses. Let us be open to what God is doing, then ride the wind with joy!


In what direction might the Spirit of God be leading you? What would it mean to answer Yes?


Gracious God, forgive us when we resist your call upon our lives. Help us ride the wind of your Spirit with joyful hearts. Amen.

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