Psalm 89:5-18

When you read this, take a moment to look up into the sky. What
do you see? Is the sun shining in your part of the world? Are there
bright, cumulus clouds or dark, gloomy ones? Do you see the moon?
Is it full and luminous, or is it a mere sliver of itself? Are stars visible,
and can you count the ones you see?

The psalmist says much about God’s creative abilities, power,
might, and faithfulness. By referencing the seas, waves, and waters,
this psalm uses the nature that is visible to point us to the wonder
and magnificence of the Creator we cannot see. The psalmist begins
with the sky, and so should we.

Through the daytime sky we encounter the sun that provides our
light and life. This encounter reminds us that God both made the
light and is the light. We remember that our very lives, physically and
spiritually, depend on God’s creation and grace.

Through the nighttime sky we encounter the moon and stars. We
remember that even in those darkest times when God, like the moon,
may be hidden from our sight, God’s presence remains and will shine
brightly in due time.

When we look to the sky, we have a choice to make. We can
simply observe its beauty or, like the psalmist, we can let what we see
remind us of God’s faithfulness, strength, and steadfast love. The
psalmist tells us that even the heavens praise God’s creative powers
and faithfulness. Let us do the same.


Spend a few minutes today experiencing nature through a window or by going outside. Surrounded by what God has made, take a moment to give God thanks for all that surrounds you and all that God is.


Thank you, God, for the heavens and the earth that you created. Thank you for your strength, love, and faithfulness. Amen.

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