2 Corinthians 4:5-6

I often sit in church and pray to use the gifts that God gave me here on earth and not to waste them. I sometimes pray for others to do the same. The way I see it, if you can write, write for good. If you can cook, cook to show love to others. Healers should show up. Kind people should speak out. If you can make art, what are you waiting for? I pray for God to show us how.

Sometimes we do the thing we prayed about—write the story, cook the meal, pay the visit, show up, speak out. Bravo! 

But then can we talk about it, share it, post it? And if we do, does it inspire others or just look like bragging? 

Maybe we do what my kids call the “humble brag,” which may be even worse than outright bragging. 

Where is humility in all of this? Do we sometimes cross the line between glorifying God and glorifying ourselves? I know I do.

I think Paul is saying that we can do good works and proclaim them if we acknowledge their Giver, maintain a pure heart, and focus more on the deed than the doing, more on the good work than the good tweet. For ourselves as partners in the Gospel, yes, but for Jesus’ sake above all. 


What gifts do you have that can be used to humbly glorify God? How do you use them?


Gracious God, help me to use the gifts that you gave me to let light shine out of darkness. Amen.

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