Matthew 6:9

Names hold meaning that can be intentional or accidental, prophetic or historical, prescriptive or descriptive. I have a somewhat unusual name that I’ve always liked. I don’t know what the most popular baby names of 1970 were, but the only other Lances I’ve encountered are all my age. 

In naming our own three boys, we elected to go with family names, reaching back a few generations in some cases to honor relatives who made an impact or played an important role in our families.

Scripture is filled with names for God, though the people God chose to bless the nations through so hallowed God’s name they did not dare to even write it all out when they transcribed their sacred texts.

It’s no surprise that when Jesus teaches his disciples to pray, he teaches them to open their prayers by treating the name of God with special honor and worship.

We worship a multifaceted God and begin our prayers by naming one of those characteristics that reflects both our theology and the prayer’s intent. “Holy God,” “Creator God,” “Father God,” “Mother God,” and simply “Dear God” all reveal something of our heart’s yearning and the response we seek. No matter what name you use for God in your moments of divine conversation, may it be hallowed and sincere.


What name of God do you call on most often? What does that say about your relationship with God?


God, your name is special to me, and I do not use it lightly. Today I seek to know you better and hallow your name with my life. Amen.

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