Psalm 29

King David knocks this one out of the park, doesn’t he? I read this
and think, wow, I wish I could write like that. God as strength,
power, splendor, majesty. In a lifetime of trying to listen for God’s
“still, small voice,” I love reading a passage that describes the voice
of God as possessing big, powerful, oak-twisting strength. Nearly
every line carries a resounding metaphor or simile. There’s thunder!
Lightning! Oak-twisting and desert-shaking, bone-rattling strength.
As celebrity chef Emeril would say, “Bam!”

All around us, the voice of the Lord practically screams. Just
before I sat down to write this, I spent an hour walking alongside a
creek near my home on a spectacular autumn day here in the north-
east. The beauty of the turning leaves: Bam! The Canadian geese
overhead, heading south, call to each other in boisterous honks.
Even the deer stood motionless and utterly silent…then crashed
away through the woods. God’s voice was on every side. Big. Brash.

Over these past pandemic years, as we have isolated and avoided
and quarantined, the nearby woods have been a balm to me. Walking
through God’s creation is a literal path that lets me get out of my
head, out of my worry, out of my often not-very-productive inner
conversation. Those walks don’t just allow me to listen, they enve-
lope me with God’s incredible presence. Leaves all around. Geese.
Deer. Bam!

Glory indeed. All I needed to do was look.


Sometimes God whispers. Sometimes God shouts. Hallelujah. What tone do you hear God use today?


God, sometimes, on some days, we’re inundated with your voice. Thank you. Amen.

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