Galatians 4:1-7

This past year, my wife and I became foster parents. To become foster-eligible, we had to complete ten weeks of intense training that primarily focuses on the effects that trauma has on children. After the first few weeks, I realized how woefully ignorant I was about the difficulties that these precious children endure.

I was mostly clueless about what a great degree of difference it makes when children have been raised in a safe home and a church environment which constantly teaches them that all people are made in the image of God, and that they are loved by the Creator of life. Not every child is fortunate enough to grow up with that awareness. 

It tears at my heart for a child to not know and feel God’s love for them because they haven’t been shown or taught that they matter and are loved. This is why my wife, Noelle, and I feel called to foster care. When I read today’s verses, I think the Galatians must understand this agonizing sentiment acutely. 

Paul addresses a powerful truth here that every parent and every church needs to teach every child. Despite our family status on earth, we are, by the immeasurable love of God, a part of another family. We are heirs to the Kingdom of God.

Imagine what could happen when children who have been tossed from one foster home to another hear an adult tell them with words and actions that they matter and that they belong to God. Imagine what could happen when a church surrounds them and amplifies that message. It would change everything for them. 


How do you demonstrate and instill the deep truth that we all belong to God to the children in your care or congregation? 


God our heavenly parent, help us claim and reclaim the truth that we are your children. Help us share this wonderful news with others. Amen.

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