Daniel 6:6-9

There’s absolutely no way for a person who wears a size eleven shoe to fit their feet into shoes that are a size five. Someone might repeatedly attempt to force their feet inside the small shoes, but ultimately that will not work. Just ask Cinderella’s stepsisters. Sometimes, however, the strong desire for an impossible outcome leads us to pursue it anyway. 

Jealous officials who want to stop Daniel’s success approach the king. They don’t understand that not only does King Darius favor their nemesis, so does God. Desperate to snare Daniel in wrongdoing, they pitch a plan to the king using flattering language that he will surely accept. The king signs an official agreement stating that whoever prays to anyone other than the king himself for the next thirty days will be thrown into the lions’ den. They’ve done enough research into Daniel’s character and faith to know that it will be impossible for him to obey this law, which will put him at odds with Darius. But their scheme will not overpower God’s purpose that is working through Daniel’s excellent spirit.

We have more in common with the jealous officials than we’d like to admit. We’ve all pursued agendas that did not belong to God, and have even been willing to sacrifice others’ good standing to advance ourselves. How do we develop a spirit like Daniel’s, one that finds its purpose in being committed to whatever God has in mind?


What agendas are you pursuing right now that may not be right for you? How could you seek God’s vision instead?


God, help me avoid the trap of envying others. Help me choose your purposes for my life rather than ones that will advance me to the detriment of others. Amen.

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