Jeremiah 29:8-9

I grew up in a home that believed in the power of prayer. Some of my earliest childhood memories involve my mom, at home, praying for our family, people who were sick, ministries of the church, and ministers who led the congregation and the community. She was a praying woman.

When situations seemed particularly tough, I vividly recall my mother saying, “I’m turning over my plate,” which meant she was fasting and praying. Most often, her fast consisted of persistent prayer and Bible reading while only drinking juice and water for a predetermined period of time. I was amazed how the spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting allowed my mom to gain new clarity or peace about situations.

My mom’s example influenced my life. I’m not as disciplined as she, but when I’m in tough situations and find myself confused, I turn over my plate.

Over the last few years, I’ve struggled with the toxic political climate. After the multiple killings of unarmed Black men, often with women and children in clear view, there were many instances when I needed to fast. The competing messages of politicians and the mixed messages of the Church caused confusion, frustration, and anxiety. To make it through, I chose my mother’s path. Prayer, Bible reading, and fasting provided clarity and peace when I could not find it otherwise.


What’s your process to make it through when there is too much societal noise and mixed messaging from the world and Church?


Lord, I need to hear clearly from you. Please grant clarity and peace for my journey. Amen.

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