Psalm 98

I will never forget my first tambourine, which I received when I turned 5. Bright orange with a smiling lion on its face, the jangles rang out the sweetest chime. Oh, how proud I was to play the tambourine in church! Whether we were having worship in the
sanctuary or on a hill under bamboo canopies, I never left home without it. 

As a five-year-old, you can assume correctly that my playing was not up to the standards of a prestigious concert hall. But I will never forget the sound of every shake and jiggle traveling through the air and over the trees. 

What a joy it was to feel like I was part of worship. What an unforgettable feeling to realize that no matter how young or old each person was, we were all joining together to praise God.

There are so many ways to express how great God is. God invites us to sing a new song, shout for joy, and avail ourselves of the instruments at our disposal to glorify God’s name. Perhaps you are called to play the trumpet or horn, as mentioned in verse 6. Or perhaps you play the guitar or even the tambourine. How would you like to make a joyful noise (v. 4) today?


Take at least five minutes to reflect on the joy that God has brought you today. What are you thankful for? For an extra challenge, write a four-line verse for God. There is a poet and musician in all of us.


God, help me make a joyful noise (v. 4) to you. Thank you for giving me a joy that needs to be expressed and that you want to hear. Amen.

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