Exodus 16:4-8

When we are in the wilderness of our discontent, God often speaks hope to us, but we are complaining too loudly to hear it. In today’s passage, I hear the note of exasperation in God’s voice: “Okay, tell them they will be provided for. I will saturate you with bread from heaven. You will have plenty to eat.”

The instructions God gives to the people have many layers. They must only gather enough food for each day. It will provide for one day, and one day only—except on the sixth day so the people can observe the Sabbath on the seventh. They must trust God for the next day and the next. God says to Moses, “Let’s see if they follow my instructions. Let’s see if they trust me.”

This whole concept of daily bread is so difficult for us to fathom, much less embrace—especially in our affluent society. Really? Just a one-day supply? I can imagine thinking to myself, “At least give me enough for a week. How do I know this food will rain down from heaven the next day? And we have to wait until evening? I’m hungry now.”

We could learn a great lesson from this, if we were only willing. Just think what we could accomplish if we learned to believe that provision will be there. Just think what the world would be like. Wouldn’t we be less likely to take more than our share? Wouldn’t it make us less likely to worry about how much others are taking, and whether that affects our portion?


What is holding you back from trusting God for daily bread?


Holy God, have patience with us. Feed us with the bread we need for this day and show us how to trust in your abundance. Amen.

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