2 Samuel 7:8-12

I have an old rocker in my study that creaks when I sit down in it. I start the morning by enjoying its gentle sway, and it takes me back to my grandmother’s house, where this rocker rested for sixty years. When I was a baby, Mimi rocked me there. If anyone walked by, it would seem that she wasn’t doing much at all. But within the back and forth, something fundamental found its way into my soul: her unconditional love.

As I grew up, Mimi frequently told me, “Every day I pray for the angels to watch over you.” Her voice always spoke love to me. She passed away in 2010, but I believe that she watches over me even now, still cheering me on. 

If we’re quiet enough and still enough and brave enough, we will remember deep in our bones that we were created with love, by love, for love. That sacred echo haunts us no matter how caustic or bitter the world may become. We crave love. We long to be held, to feel the strength of being loved and the courage that comes from being loved well.

God speaks to David with such tender words. David and the people of God receive green pasture and protection from enemies. God also makes bold, beautiful promises to David that God will give him a great name, plant the people in a good place, and give them a house full of rest and the blessing of offspring. 

Like the love I find in my grandmother’s rocker, God holds David and his family close in the sway of love. God holds us still.


Who has shown you unconditional love? Who does God call you to love in that way?


God, thank you for those persons who have been bearers of your love for us. Help us to always give thanks for your love and to closely hold those who need your love. Amen.

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