1 Kings 12:6-11

Our world is loud. Voices advocate for agendas on the news channels. Flashing headlines infect our smartphones. Social media bombards us with advice about anything and everything. People ask questions, then let the “crowds” (friends, family, strangers, anyone online) provide answers. We have more instant access to data than at any other time in human history, yet we still struggle to process information and discern the truth.

Rehoboam seeks wise counsel, asking the experienced, the older and wiser for input as he prepares to make a significant decision. With one voice, these advisors say, be a servant to this people…speak good words to them…then they will be your servants forever (v. 7). Rehoboam disregards their advice and consults his peers, who are younger and unproven. They make inappropriate jokes and advocate for a policy of greater oppression and violence.

Rehoboam faces the choice we all face each day. Who will we listen to? Where will we seek wisdom and find wise counsel? How do we find truth in a world filled with falsehood? 

Overlooking wisdom and embracing folly, Rehoboam proves his own ignorance and demonstrates his inability to function as an able leader. His lack of discernment leads to a decision that seals his fate and leads to his failure. 

Hundreds of voices tell us what to say and do, what to believe and buy, what we need and what we want. What are we to do? The Apostle Paul wrote, “test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good” (1 Thess 5:21, NLT). Sage advice is worth following. 


How can you process the vast supply of information you receive through a filter of faith, seeking truth and holding to what is good?


God, in a world filled with so many thoughtless words, help me seek truth and discern wisdom so that I may walk in your way and follow your will. Amen.

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