Genesis 2:4b-7

God, help me remember that each life is a God-breathed life.

I don’t find it easy to do so. Some days I feel bombarded by messages which tell me to fear others, to view them as somehow less than human, to pull back into a little tribe filled with people who look, speak, and act like me. A few of my friends who heed those messages urge me to join them. It’s hard, God, to resist the call of fear and friends.

God, help me remember that all persons are my kinfolk.

I want to do so even when the person ahead of me in the grocery checkout line starts searching for his coupons and wallet only after the cashier has rung up all his groceries. When I catch my least favorite political pundit on television, help me remember that he is a distant cousin. No matter who comes my way, in person or through media, teach me to view them as kin. Democrat, Republican, Christian, Muslim, Hindi, Buddhist, agnostic, atheist, rich, poor, loving, hateful, informed, uniformed, independent, needy, young, old—each and every one belongs to the family.

God, help me to speak and act as if I believe each life is a God-breathed life. Teach me to not focus on our differences but to consider the breath of life we share. Help me recognize our kinship in you and live accordingly. Amen.


If I genuinely believed that each person shares in the one breath of life, which of my attitudes and actions would change?


God, thank you for breathing life into each one of us, including me. Teach me to treasure your breath of life in others, even as I treasure your breath of life in me. Amen.

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