The following examples of campaign giving come from the campaigns that our consultant Ruben Swint has led through the years.

A lady who supported her family by cleaning houses looked forward each day to her “Pepsi Break.” She decided she could give something by not buying a Pepsi each day and give the total saved as a weekly gift.

A school teacher planned to retire and buy a new car. After praying about her commitment, she decided not to retire and not to buy a new car. Instead she worked for the next three years in order to give a larger commitment.

A church member received a large part of his annual compensation in the form of a bonus. He prayed and decided to give his entire bonus for the next three years for his commitment.

A young couple felt unable to give to their church’s stewardship challenge because of low income and high debt. Nevertheless, by praying about it, they realized that they could eat out less and redirect that money into their commitment.

“Every one must make up their mind as to how much they should give. Don’t force anyone to give more than they really want to, for cheerful givers are the ones God prizes.” (Alt. II Corinthians, 9:7)