Please be in prayer for our children, youth, and adult leaders as they prepare to leave for various camps this summer. Pray for safe travels, pray that the leaders will receive a blessing beyond their expectations, and pray that our children and youth will be impacted in a positive and life-changing way.

Middle School Beach Camp, June 7-12

Ryan Elledge              Cole England               Lindin Gault             Austin McNeur

Peyton Nelson           Benjamin Orcutt         Murphy Rush          William Yates

Will Adams                Garrett Addy              Wesley Carlay         Grace Caldwell

Hatchell Hardy          Canady Little              Autry Martin           Emily Reynolds

Logan Thomason       Rose Tumblin             Abby Davis             Feagin Hardy

Callie Letson              Lindsey Burroughs     Hanna Stribling        Haley Reynolds

Ramey Jankins          Morgan Marlett          Anna Beth Martin

Kerrington Armstrong


Adult Leaders

Carl Tolbert               Craig Little                  Jay Tolbert             Suzanne Tolbert

Laura Brown              Adair Rogers               Mike Stroud            Terry Vincent

Joel Jacks


High School Beach Camp, June 14-19

Hannah Finley           Brandi Eiff                  Sara Spoon            Anna Stevenson

Scott O’Rear              Evan Taylor                Patton Croker       Johnathan Finley

Peyton Robertson       Cade Robertson          Alex Smith      George Lewis Compton


Adult Leaders

Carl Tolbert               Jay Tolbert                 Suzanne Tolbert


Father/Son Retreat to Camp McCall, June 4-6

Mason Addy             Walt Addy                  Kevin Franklin      Brock Franklin

Jamie Gault                Logan Gault                Kaden Jefferson    Rickey Letson

Caleb Letson              Peter Lindley              Nathan Lindley     Matthew Turner

Price Turner               Bates Turner


PASSPORTkids!, July 12-15

Alivee Coggins           Carson England           Cole England         Elizabeth Franklin

Anna Jenkins             Stella Jenkins              Nathan Lindley     Peter Lindley

Canady Little             Cathy Little                Kelsie Little          McKenzie Little

Anna Nance Reynolds   Emily Reynolds    Anna Grace Taylor

Carl Tolbert               Jack Yarbrough           William Yates