2 Corinthians 5:20-21

Every year at our church we host an event called The Gathering. It’s a time to gather with the community and nearby churches for a day of faith formation, fun, food, and inspiration. It’s an all-day event, one that we hope remains meaningful for attendees long after they leave. We share information about The Gathering on social media, in the church bulletin, and in our newsletter, but the best way we get people to come is through a personal invitation. We’ve found that once someone has experienced this event, they’re excited and ready to share it with others. This is also true for worship, Bible study, and any other activity at church: people come when they’re personally invited. Taking the time to look someone in the eye and wholeheartedly say, “You are welcome here—and we’d love to see you” is effective communication. This has been true since Paul started writing his letters. Each day we have opportunities to be Christ’s ambassadors and offer a word of hope. 

When we’re ambassadors for Christ, we’re willing to stake our lives on the claim that Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection matter, that a life rooted in Christ is one worth living. A life in Christ transforms the way we see the world: the way we speak to others, talk about our faith over coffee, share our offering, comfort a friend, and speak against injustice. Every day we get to practice living out our faith in ways that attest to the peace found in Christ. Every day someone needs to know that Christ’s love extends to them. Some days those words are for us, and other days they’re for our neighbors.


Recall a time when someone invited you to get to know God in a deeper way. What made the experience meaningful or what would have made it more effective? 


God, keep me attentive to the ways I could share your love with others. Help me to always be an ambassador for Christ. Amen.

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