Psalm 108:1-4

College can be difficult for young people. The transient nature of this time of life creates an atmosphere of impermanence, uncertainty, and doubt. Insecurities are epidemic. People frantically look for their niche and often feel that they do not belong. We become nomads, drifting away from the values that keep us grounded. Fleeting connections and experiences entrance us. Yet we can disrupt the chaos of a college routine by finding our center again. 

My disruption came at a time when I felt overwhelmed by various commitments, academic rigors, and relationships that drained my emotional, spiritual, and physical energy. 

In that moment, I turned to a song that had pulled me through many difficult times. The refrain of Marvin Sapp’s “Never Would Have Made It” reconnected me to the source of my help. Sapp sings, “Never would have made it without You. Never could have made it without You. I would have lost it all. But now I see how You were there for me.”

The psalmist knows the power that music has to reconnect us to God. Music speaks to almost everyone. When it helps us remember and reexperience God’s powerful love, it becomes transformative. The writer sings these verses in Psalm 108 with all his soul. God’s love replenishes and restores weary spirits because the love of God is music for the soul. Whatever season of life we are living in, may we continually praise and sing the wonderful news of the living God.


How will you praise God today?


God, thank you for always equipping us with your wonderful mercy, love, and grace. Your words are music to our souls. Amen.

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