Psalm 98

A few years ago, my wife and I went to a JOHNNYSWIM concert. I hadn’t been to a concert since middle school, because I didn’t understand why I should pay to hear an audience butcher a musician’s songs. That changed when I saw this wife and husband duo dance and sing their way through the aisles. It was amazing. 

At one point, Abner, the husband, told a story about meeting up with friends one afternoon in New York City to watch a soccer match at an Irish pub. The place was filled with people, some who rooted for his team and many for the other. As the score grew close, the bar became tense and vulgar. Just as fights were about to break out, an Irish song that everyone knew played over the speakers. Everyone stopped what they were doing, locked hands, clanked cups, and, despite their opposing views, began to sing together. 

Abner was amazed. A single song had the power to dissolve tensions and unite enemies in mutual joy. Was that what it was like when David played for Saul? Is that the power the psalms have held for the Jewish people through the ages? Is that why they were recorded and preserved so carefully so that we can still read them now, thousands of years later?

Wouldn’t it be something to write an anthem that all creation is able to join in regardless of our opposing views? I’m not a songwriter, but it would spectacular to participate in a song like that. God envisions our lives as the opportunity for us to experience unity and communion together. As one year ends and another begins, God invites us to Sing to the LORD a new song, and sing altogether (v. 1).


When you think of singing a new song to the Lord, what lyrics come to mind? What would it look like for all of creation to sing along together? 


God, when we forget our way home, when tense times make it easy to argue and fight, settle our hearts. Help us join a song of praise that unites us in our differences and continually invites others to join in also. Amen.

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